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Followers: 33
Following: 31
Profile Views: 1,806
Store Views: 822
Total Beats: 3
Total Plays: 259
Beats Sold: 10
Last Login: 05.10.2014
Member Since 01.19.2012
Battle Record
Winning: N/A %
Current Month: Won Lose
Over All Battles: Won 54 Lose 89
This Month Ranked: #
Brief Bio
Deleswa comes to you with a Signature Sound that ranges from Melodic to Orchestral..Abstract to Ethnic..and is primarily Multi-Genre driven...bringing you a sound like no other.
Top 5 Beats
New School
Lease - $5.99 - Plays: 74
New School
Lease - $5.99 - Plays: 81
East Coast
Lease - $12.99 - Plays: 104
Deleswa Says...
9 months ago
Looking forward to the launch of my new freelance web design venture at Web Designz n Conceptz that will offer both template based and custom designed websites. Soon after release, I\'ll also be offering custom logos, image & music licensing. Today is the time for entrepreneurs to shine, so let\'s get it. If you have a dream to go into business yourself, in the great words of Shrillex...ima try it out!!! Let\'s go....
dope_instruments Says...
11 months ago
im feelin the vybes, nice beats homie keep it up
yurboi luka Says...
1 year ago
thanks for the comment , keep bangin bro.
Uncle_Beatz Says...
1 year ago
Thanks for the comment on my battle. Really appreciate honest votes!
The Basement Says...
1 year ago
I appreciate the humble comment in our battle man. That is mighty cool of you to say that and I wanted to add.. it takes a real musician and real man to say that without hesitation. It shows you have mad potential and arent.. "riding your own dick", haha. Most people make beats then fall in love with them cause they heard it 200X back to back and cant admit defeat.. I always bow out humbly when people have better beats than me.. and that is super cool when a person can say.. wow, nice beat.. I lost. I think u got mad potential tho and really like a bunch of your tracks. Keep killin it and remember that persistence is key on this site and in production generally. I came on here and lost mad battles and never sold shit.. a year later I was killin it cause of my hard work and dedication.. so losing can be great if you are a humble dude and you learn from it. I hope to see you blow up cause mad people hate instead of being cool and normal about a lost battle. Thanks again for the cool comments and if you need anything.. let me know. I might be able to help or point u in the right direction. Peace!

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